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r/PettyRevenge - Ex Cheats On Me For MONTHS! Thought I'd NEVER Find Out!

Добавлено от Admin В Триллеры 2018
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???? r/PettyRevenge - OP gets suspicious of her boyfriend when he's out one night with the "boys" and finds evidence that he's been cheating on her! She confronts him and eventually he admits to it, begging for her to not breaking up with him and that he promises he'll change. But OP has been plotting her revenge the entire time, and made him agree to go on a long hike with her the next day up a 14,000 FT mountain! They go, and its a grueling 8 hours to the summit because her boyfriend is so out of shape, but once they get to the top, OP gives him a kiss, says 'It's over!" and goes her merry way back down to the car!

Stories in this Reddit Petty Revenge video:

0:00 - Intro
1:11 - Story 1 (u/ProSmartA1)
4:04 - Story 2 (u/sushi-_-lady)
9:27 - Story 3 (u/Akai_Saru)

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