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Gorilla Glue Girl Update ???? | Her Hair Is Saved

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Late Wednesday evening TMZ posted footage of Tessica Brown AKA Gorilla Glue Girl touching down in Los Angeles to meet Dr. Michael Obeng at his practice in Beverly Hills where he took on the impossible task of removing all of the Gorilla Glue from Tessica’s hair. And I’ve gotta be honest yall I had my doubts. But in the name of black excellence this Doctor Obeng did his thang and our girl Tessica is finally unbound of this messy gorilla glue.

I was happy to hear that a Black man was the one who came to the rescue without charging Tessica Brown a dime. I was afraid that so many opportunist would have their hand in this story just to take advantage of the full free promotion but this DR rose to the occasion going above and beyond to not just cut all her hair off and leave her scalped bald but he actually took the time to contact the manufacturer yall. And we all know they had an attitude and did not think for a second how they could get in touch with their own chemists to see how they got it off their hands in their lab tests, but I digress. He says that they returned his call but was not much help. Anyway this black king did what he was supposed to do for our black queens and figured out some details about their ingredients to come up with his own Gorilla Glue remover and I just can’t get enough of the black excellence. I was happy that he also confirmed that she managed to avoid any major sustainable injuries to her scalp.

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